It’s Not Just My Name, It’s My Goal...

Over the last 30 years I've been working on an ever evolving goal of learning as much as I can about animal behavior. Continuously trying to learn and grow, I've surrounded myself with some incredible minds in dog training. This has helped me be flexible to my training approach, clients training needs and thier owner's wants. With over 30 yrs of on the job training, I have both the knowledge and the experience to give your dog and family the one on one world class training you deserve.

K9-Perfection's training programs are designed to not only give you control over your canine companion, but to also help him/her to adapt to your lifestyle. I'm able to accomplish this by using a Maker Based Foundation to set positive behaviors, that teach proper manners not just obedience commands.

The other key component of my programs are education. As dog trainers, training a dog is the easy part. However, without the proper education for you, the owner, all of the training will be guaranteed to unravel in as quickly as six months. Just like a child can behave differently for different people, dogs are the same in that regard. For this reason, I provide detailed instruction for the owners, to ensure that you are able to maintain all the progress your dogs will make along the way. Teaching people is a very different task than training a dog. I am confident in my ability to recognize these difference and provide you with excellence in the solution.

While volunteering training with the Marion County Humane Society in Ocala fl, I discovered some startling statistics gathered here in Florida. Research has shown that over 50% of the dogs taken to shelters would not have been turned in if they had simply been provided proper training. We are proud to say that none of the dogs trained by us for the Humane Society have ever been returned.