The (Lockett) Ali - Dog Breed

Lockett's Czar Ali

AKA: Pup Pup

Czar is owned, trained and handle by John L Lockett owner of K-9 Perfection. Czar is currently doing time as John family protection and competition dog "Poor dog :-( ". Averaging 65-70 lbs. This dog is truely the mode for what Lockett would like for the line and future breed to be. Czar is hands down a true man stopper that John can trust to protect his family and property under extreme pressure but at the same time stable enough to walk though a mall off leash and not harm one person.

Czar's Training:

Basic & Advanced Obedience, Full Personal Protection & Fugitive Apprehension.

Czar Accomplishments:

  • Czar has earned accomplishments in SDA & K9 PRO SPORTS
  • 2007 K9 Pro Sport South East Regional taking 2nd place, Personal Protection Division
  • 2009 SDA South East Regional taking 1st place, Personal Protection-Protection Alert
  • 2009 SDA South East Regional taking 1st place, Personal Protection 1 Division
  • 2009 SDA Premier Nationals taking 4th place, Hardest Hitting Dog Competition
  • 2011 APPDA & SDA in Astor, FL took 2nd place.

Lockett's Rosco Ali

Rosco is a 60 – 65lbs male Ali, son of Otis2 and Ynobe was family raised and is a great family protection dog. He is a sweet heart of a dog, loving to children and friends. Like Czar, Rosco is owned and being trained by John. He will be the next dog John plans to campaign in APPDA & SDA late 2011. John said “Rosco is not only good looking but also has all the things I'm looking for in my Ali Dog project. I can't wait to see how his off spring turn out this spring!!!

First and foremost, the Lockett Ali is not a breed of dog yet... it's a type, or line of dog. I've invested my time and resources in the Ali Dog project for 2 reasons, Performance & Esthetics. I would like a dog that looks bullier in body-type, but, performs and acts like top herders. To be truthful, it will be another ten years and 4 more lines of dogs to even think about calling my project a breed.

When it all started

I'm an old school pit bull man. While running my kennel (called K-9 Bodyguards) in the 90's, I quickly found out that the bull breeds were inferior to herders when it comes to man work (i.e. protection, track and obedience in-drive). I competed in protection dog sports like NAPD and PSA. It did not take long to understand when it came to high level protection and obedience, my pit bulls and bull dogs would never beat the Malinios and Dutchies my competitors were competing with. I began to think, "How can I get a dog that looks like I like and performs like a good herder?".
In '97 this project was born. My early thought was to do pit bull/mal crosses. After I analyzed all the possible outcomes of this cross and weighed the positive against the negatives in regards to genetics, I thought the pit bull would not work out well for what I was trying to accomplish in this project. That being said, there is NO Pit Bull in my lines!
Well, my idea was simple lol... I'll take Malinios to American Bull Dogs and keep the dogs that had the look I like and breed them back together. This sounds like a good idea right? WRONG lol! It accomplished only one thing: beautiful puppies with prey that was over the top, but lacking in all other aspects of true working dog qualities. So back to the drawing board.

The break down:

At this stage of the Ali Dog, I’m using three breeds. I have two lines that are both four generations deep. The Ali dog is not being bred for looks over performance any more. Please understand at this stage I don't care if a dog is pink with purple dots on it back if it can perform up to my standard and I can find a dog I believe would make good pups, I'll put it in my lines. My criteria for breeding is solid nerves and courage first! Intelligence and drive in that order. My intention for the line is to be a true family and business protection dog. Dogs that are loving to family and friends, yet willing to give their lives to protect without thinking about it. I plan to prove my stock through strenuous recorded testing and competing in SDA, APPDA and possibly PSA.


In 1999/2000 I became a friend and a student of Dominic Donovan and a fan of his Donovan Pincher. Hands down, at this point in time, the DP was the closest thing in existence to what I thought I was looking for. Once I became a fan of the DP, I stopped my L.A.D. project feeling there was no need to continue . But like most breeds, the DP began to grow and become more off the vision Mr. Donovan planned for it to be.

The next generations took on a new life that differed from what I was looking for. That being said, I was looking for dogs along the lines of what he had when we first started working together, not where he was going with the DP. I'm very thankful to Donovan for giving me Donovan's Ebony, a very solid bitch, that I used as foundation for one of my lines.

Up Coming Breeding

In 2011 I have one breeding planned sired by Lockett's Rosco Ali. The first will be Rosco to Zion daughter of Czar bringing both line together and make these pups my 5th generations of Ali Dogs. This breeding has already been done and I'm looking forward to puppies in late February.