In-Home Training Programs: I offers private "In Your Home" training in Palm Coast, Bunnell, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Ponte Vedra, Ocala and Gainesville FL.

If you would like to learn everything there is to know about your dog, a certain standard of time with instructional training is required. Learning how to train and communicate with him/her for the rest of your lives together is the basis for our In-Home Programs.  This option provides the opportunity of working and training one on one privately with you and your family, without the obstacles or distractions found commonly in group training classes. Working less as a dog trainer and much more as a teacher, you will gain years of knowledge and experience as a  family and enjoy the process of growing with your dog.

Home Away from Home Boarding and Training: Is a service offered for busy families on the go. Understanding that time is a precious commodity for families and acknowledging the value of such time, this program provide your canine an extended stay within a familiy atmosphere full time NOT IN A KENNEL, which helps to simulate your family's environment. He or she becomes my canine companion/protector full time not just for an hour or two. Learning to interact within a family structure appropriately through a family obedience training. They become my shadow which allows me to provide constant behavior settings. Such family setting create huge gaines in training over a relatively short time. Canines in this program receive approximately 4 to 7 training classes a day, lengthy walks, as well as much deserved play time.  Upon return to your home, you and your family will receive follow up instructions to educate everyone how to maintion the work successfully acquired during the home-away-from-home boarding.

K9Perfection offer the following training programs.

  • Obedience Training: Levels 1-3
  • Protection Training: Basic, Estate, Police / Military and Personal Protection
  • Obesity Woof Camp: Designed to help combat K-9 Obesity. In combination with our veterinarian, a weight-loss program is designed for your canine to get them started on the road to long term health.
  • Aggressive Rehabilitation                                                                                                  Striving to preserve your family home values in your canine's daily activities through each training program.

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