For your convenience we have both:

We offer both In-Kennel and In-Home training programs that are designed to give you and your dog exactly the type of training you need.

Our In-Home Training Programs:  If you would like to learn everything there is to know about your dog and how to train and communicate with him/her for the rest of your lives together, a certain standard of time and instruction is required.  This is the basis for our In-Home Private Programs.  This option provides you the opportunity to work privately, one on one with our trainer, without the obstacles and distractions found in commonly available group training classes.  In this setting, our trainer is able to teach you how to train your own dog.  Working less as a dog trainer and musch more as a teacher, the trainer will pass on to you their years of knowledge and experience so that you may enjoy the process of growing with your dog.  We are able to accommadate those wishing for in-home private training in Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Tampa Bay, Ocala, St. Augustine and Orlando FL.

Our In-Kennel Programs: We understand that for families, time is pecious commodity.  Our In-Kennel training programs acknowledge  the value of time and address it by saving you as much of it as possible.  In these programs your dog stays with our trainer full time.  With the attention the trainer is able to provide your dog, huge gaines in training and behavoir can be made in a relatively short time.   Dogs in this program get 3 to 5 training classes a day, lengthy walks, as well as much deserved play time.  Upon their return to your home, you and your family will receive follow up instruction from the trainer to educate you on how to maintion the work already successfully accomplished.

We offer the following training programs.

  • Crate Training: (Housebreaking)
  • Obedience Training: Levels 1-3
  • Protection Training: Basic, Estate, Police / Military and Personal Protection
  • Extreme wieght loss Camp: this program is designed to help combat K-9 Obesity.  In combination with our veterinarian, we desigh a weight-loss origran fir tiyr dig and get them started on the road to long term health
  • Aggressive Rehabilitation

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