Aggressive Rehabilitation Program

Here at K9-Perfection we take pride in having one of the best aggressive rehabilitation programs in existence. I believe this is due to the way the trainers here approach fixing and/or altering canine behavior. When I began developing the program I had to first ask myself how dogs learn and receive information. Now that I have some understanding on how a dog learns, the question was why I wasn’t I getting a higher rate of success using the conventional methods that I’d been using. The answer is simple. I wasn't capitalizing on the fact that dogs will learn and offer behaviors at a greater rate if the reward is a higher value. I had to learn to stop thinking like a dog trainer and think like animal trainer. I discovered how to teach dogs to learn and choose positive behavior over negative.

There are many types of canine aggressive behaviors, that being said these behaviors may manifest themselves in different ways, so I'll go over some of the most common behavior displays you may be seeing in your dog.

Behaviors Displayed by Candidates for Aggressive Rehabilitation

Fear Aggression/Fear Biter:

This is a dog who has a low or a quick defensive trigger causing him to act aggressive out of fear, in an effort to defend himself. In this dog's eyes the world is scary place where he may view animals or humans as its adversary.
This type of dog is generally standoffish. Often showing hackle (hair stand up on its back) in an effort to make himself look bigger. And will commonly snarl and snap its teeth at people when they go to touch him.

Predatory Based Aggression:

Is the look when your dog looks at a cat, that seemingly uncontrollable inherent desire to chase, catch and kill! This is the most dangerous type of K9 aggression. Here’s why a dog that locks into prey-drive does not view its target as a threat, much like a lion staring down a gazelle.

Dominance Aggression/Pack Aggression:

Dominance based aggression is a very natural part of a dog’s growth; it’s how they establish rank and pack order. A dog displays this type of aggression when you tell him to get off the bed and he growls at you or snaps at you over food.

K9-Perfection using a Marker based training program will take dogs that exhibit these behavior and shows them that the world is not as scary as it perceives, and that people are friendly for the most part. Then equally important, we show them that aggression is not an appropriate response to his aggressive triggers and said behavior will no longer get the response he's longing for. Through our Aggression Modification program combined with Family Obedience course (Manners and Family respect) your dog learns that being obedient, neutral or friendly will bring great rewards and disobedience is not an option.