DeDe Bruno

DeDe Bruno is a veteran dog woman, with diverse experience spanning two decades. She trains and competes in Obedience, Conformation, and Personal Protection, and has titled in all three venues. Located in North Central Florida, where she maintains her own training field, DeDe is an active member of SDA. She is the co-founder and treasurer of the Central Florida SDA Association. She is also an AKC CGC evaluator and greatly enjoys educating the public on everything from the proper care of a pet dog, to the safeness of a trained PPD. "I'm always available to those that want to ask, learn, discuss, and debate DOG!" Presently DeDe lives with 10 Dobermanns and 1 Dutch Shepherd.

Competed in:

  • AKC obedience and conformation
  • UKC obedience and conformation
  • SDA Personal protection and obedience
  • DVG Schutzhund
  • UDC Schutzhund
  • USA Schutzhund
  • ASR Ring Sports
  • PSA Protection and obedience
  • WWKC conformation
  • K9PS Protection and obedience

History of Memberships:

  • SDA
  • PSA
  • DVG
  • USA
  • UDC
  • K9PS

Owner of Do’Urden Kennels, European dobermann breeding kennel. Co-founder of Pendragon’s Keepe kennel. Been raising and training dogs for over 19 years. Competed at local and National levels. Several years of vet tech experience adds to my ability to understand the canine behavior. Current VP of the United Marion Dog Training Assoc, Ocala, FL UKC Club, Treasurer of Central FL SDA Assoc, Inc.