John Lockett

Since moving to the Ocala area in 2000, John has trained over 200 dogs for obedience, companionship, family guardians and estate protection. Over the years his clients come in all shapes and sizes, from the largest Mastiff to the smallest Yorkie, Dachshund and Chihuahua. They range in age from eight week old puppies to ten year old labs. He has extensive experience training and breeding German Shepherds, Dobermans, Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

John's goal is to train the perfect dog for your family and home. This is not generic training. John does not do group classes. Each program is customized to suit the family's needs and the dog's age and temperament. He knows that one size does not fit all.

K9-Perfection Training programs are designed to give you control over your canine companion, and to help him or her to adapt to your lifestyle with proper manners and acceptable behaviors.

John competes in AKC Companion Dog trials. He is the current Vice president of the Central Florida Service Dog Association, a United Kennel Club licensed club.

Owing to his father's service as a K-9 Officer, John and K9 Perfection also specializes in training for protection. Whether a client wants a family guardian, or estate protection, K9 Perfection offers training programs from basic to advanced skills.

Some of my experience includes:

  • Owner/Trainer: Garden State K-9 GSD and Rottweilers, Roselle, NJ
  • Director of Training: Tyrone Brown's Stickem Rottweiler Kennels, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Director of Training: Ruff E Nuff Protection Dog Club, Trenton, NJ
  • Owner/Trainer: K-9 Body Guards, security dogs, Baltimore, MD
  • Training Decoy: Joe Morris' Capital City K9's, Glenn Bernny, MD
  • Member and competitor of NAPD, (National Association of Protection Dogs)
  • Owner/Master Trainer: K9-Perfection, Elizabeth, NJ-Tampa and Ocala, FL
  • PSA member and Certified Decoy, FL region
  • Training Decoy: Linda Werelein's Von Asgard K-9 Protection Club
  • Co-trainer and Training Decoy: Gator Ring Sport Club, Plant City, FL
    **(In this club I won first, third and fifth in the PSA novice and open and was the teaching "bad guy" for the club. The club attained 20 PSA titles, 14 "High in Trial" awards and two PSA Nationa Championships.)
  • Trainer and Handler: K-9 Detection International, (drug and bomb) Clearwater, FL
  • Training Decoy and Certified Competition Decoy: K9 ProSports, FL region
  • Trainer, Marion County Humane Society
  • Approved Evaluator for A.K.C.'s Canine Good Citizen Program (C.G.C.)
  • Certified decoy and competitor APPDA (American Protection and Patrol Dog Association) Augusta, GA
  • UKC Sport Dog Trainer & competitor, Obedience trainer & handler, Conformation handler
    Ocala FL
  • SDA ( Service Dogs of America) Member and Club training director
    Fort McCoy, FL